ASPIRE Program Becomes Part of Tomball ISD

students learning in a classroom

Tomball ISD brought in a new program to help students learn about living a tobacco-free life! The school district realized that there was a need for this program after seeing the rise in e-cigarette usage. ASPIRE is a program developed by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

The ASPIRE program is “a bilingual, interactive, online tool” that be used for disciplinary purposes instead of suspension. There are “testimonials from peers, doctors, smokers and non-smokers” to give students information from each side of the argument. Students can also find health information related to tobacco and nicotine usage in forms of videos, quizzes and other activities. 

As illnesses related to e-cigarette usage increases, Tomball ISD is taking every measure possible to educate students about the importance of good health. ASPIRE is a very useful resource for parents and students to find out more about “new and emerging products like e-cigs, hookah, synthetic marijuana, and more.” All Tomball ISD secondary principals have had their ASPIRE accounts activated for usage, so they are ready to dive into teaching the importance of a healthy life! 

Please visit the Tomball newsletter or the MD Anderson website to learn more about ASPIRE. 

SOURCE: Tomball Talk, ASPIRE website