Discover Your Inner Firefighter at Tomball’s Citizen Firefighter Academy

Fire fighting is one of the bravest professions around today. Upon close review it’s much more than just fire. It’s science, emergency medical care, communications, strategy, tactical studies and safety.

The Citizens Fire Academy is a 12 week course designed for adults to learn more about how the Tomball Fire Department is organized and operates. Participants will get to learn from professional firefighters and experience the tasks they perform such as:

Ride Out Information
Department Hiring, Training and Continued Education
Demonstration of Physical Ability Test
Bunker Gear Photos
Apparatus and Equipment Demonstration
Explanation of Emergency Medical Services
Ambulance Demonstration
Fire Prevention and Arson Investigation
Fire Scene Operations
CPR Instruction (optional)

The course will begin January 3rd and go through March 24th from 7pm to 10pm at Tomball Fire Department Station 1, 1200 Rudel. For more information or to register, contact Lt. Chad Howe, training officer, at 281-351-7101 or