Oakcrest Intermediate’s Homeroom Teachers Need Party Planning Help

classroom party

The teachers at Oakcrest Intermediate need help planning two major class parties this year: Christmas and End of Year!

The end of 2019 will be coming up quickly, and the homeroom teachers want to make sure their students have a great time celebrating the hard work they have been putting in. Homeroom teachers would like to ask the parents in the Wildwood community to consider getting involved in the homeroom parties, but especially in these two events. Getting involved may mean being responsible for sending in the plates or cups, or possibly coming in early to set up or staying later to help clean up. Any and all help will be appreciated. 

Parents who are interested in helping with the parties can sign up through this Google form. The contact information that parents fill out will be added to the Oakcrest Intermediate School’s PTO database so that Lead Party Parents will know who to contact for classroom parties. Helping the homeroom teachers party plan will be a super fun way to build a relationship with the teachers and stay aware of how the students are doing in class!

SOURCE: Oakcrest Intermediate School PTO Facebook Post