Tomball Star Academy Application Now Open to Ninth Graders

an apple on books to symbolize education

The Tomball Star Academy is ready to accept more ninth graders in Spring of 2020! This accelerated program provides the opportunity for students to receive an Associates of Art degree and earn up to 60 college credit hours by graduation through its curriculum. The goal of Tomball Star Academy is to offer more advanced courses to prepare students for college and careers. 

Students who go through this program are placed into “smaller learning communities” that allow a closer interaction with the instructor. Students will also be able to ask many professors about colleges and careers at their college campus classes. Student clubs that are designed specifically for the Tomball Star Academy will be offered.

Tomball Star Academy is located on the second floor of Tomball High School. Applicants should expect to be interviewed and will need to write an application essay at the time of the interview. 
If students are interested in applying for the Tomball Star Academy, please apply here

Visit the Tomball Star Academy website for more information.