Willow Wood Junior High Student Chosen to Attend STEM Camp at Rice University

writing on science board

The Wildwood community would like to recognize an exceptional eighth-grade student who attends Willow Wood Junior High School – Anjani Malhotra!

Malhotra was chosen to be part of an elite group of students within Texas to take part in Tapia Say STEM Camp at Rice University. This STEM Camp gave Malhotra a taste of what life on a college campus was like with an emphasis on a STEM-focused education. During this camp, students experimented with hands-on projects, learned about other ways to make sense of complicated STEM ideas, and practiced their presentation skills through an “end-of-camp oral presentation”. This camp gave Malhotra a chance to understand what it takes to succeed in a challenging STEM career – simplicity, creativity, and the skills to share wonderfully complex ideas. Aside from individual learning experiences, Malhotra was able to interact with other students chosen for this camp, as well. The collaborative and social environment that the Tapia Say STEM Camp offered provided a space for students to learn more about people, cultures, and different ideas, which are very important in a well-rounded education. 

The Tapia Say STEM Camp at Rice University, “which is sponsored by Exxon Mobil,” presented students in the eighth through twelfth grade with an inspiring week-long experience to encourage their STEM field pursuits. Rice University’s Richard Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity was created in 1995 to support women and minorities in the fields of science and engineering to pursue a STEM path and “empower them to be future leaders.”

Great job, Anjani Malhotra! Keep it up.