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Tomball ISD Spelling Bee Goes 22 Rounds!

Spelling bees are an American tradition that dates back almost ninety years. The first official spelling bee winner in 1925 was eleven year old Frank Neuhauser. He and the nine other finalists were invited to meet the President Calvin Coolidge at the White House.

... Read More »

Tomball City Council Approves a New City Mascot

The city of Tomball will soon have a mascot of their own. Mike Baxter, the city marketing director made the original request for a costume for a city mascot.

According to Baxter, cities of varying sizes have found marketing and tourism success after creating a mascot... Read More »

Tomball Regional Medical Center Offers Health Classes

Prevention is often the best medicine, with that idea in mind Tomball Regional Medical Center is offering a series of health classes.

Online Prepare Childbirth Class mirrors our live classes and is a wonderful option for those who are on bed rest or just simply can not make our... Read More »

Tomball ISD: Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-kindergarten is necessary for many parents to return or begin work. It also has the upper hand compared to day care centers.

The result of a pre-kindergarten education is almost always evident in a child’s educational career. Tomball ISD’s program goes above and... Read More »


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